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Commercial Development Group

The Commercial Development Group (CDG) is managed by Chief Commercial Officer Debbie Bowers.  CDG's mission is to provide the highest level of service to tenants in an ethical and professional manner, facilitate positive business relationships, protect LAX assets, and promote positive passenger experiences.

Los Angeles World Airports' CDG is charged with stimulating and promoting economic development and business retention. CDG manages terminal and airfield real estate, cargo warehousing, concessions, ground transportation, parking and leasing at LAX, VNY and Palmdale Land Holdings. CDG is also in charge of economic development, feasibility, valuation and financial planning analyses.

Business Relationship Managers

In an effort to provide optimal customer service, CDG assigns a Business Relationship Manager (BRM) to each LAWA Tenant.


  • Act as a point of contact for LAWA business related issues and can assist tenants with concerns/issues related to tenancy at LAWA.
  • Strive to ensure tenant requests are resolved satisfactorily and ensure that tenants comply with airport and lease/agreement rules and regulations.
  • Are responsible developing and maintaining relationships with all LAX, ONT and VNY tenants.
  • Negotiate occupancy agreements with aeronautical users and government tenants for space at Los Angeles World Airports' facilities.
  • Manage concessions agreements/relationships, and protect LAWA's real property assets.

BRM desired outcomes:

  • Provide highest quality service
  • Maximize visibility/accessibility
  • Improve communication
  • Increase accountability for LAWA and tenants
  • Strengthen contract compliance
  • Create cross-functional teams

BRMs code of conduct:  

  • Customer Service:
    • Act ethically & professionally
    • Respect and value clients
  • Responsibility & Accountability
    • Take ownership
    • Respond punctually
    • Communicate openly
  • Commitment
    • Follow through
    • Seek Solutions

Click here for a link to LAWA’s Business Relationship Managers: BRMs list


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